I'll be heading out virtually around the world for the month of November and leading into December as RAE OF HOPE officially releases - The tour dates will be listed here and follow along or stop by on the tour for a chance to win signed copies, ebooks, posters and other great prizes!  Also learn valuable information about writing, upcoming books and the world of Rae!



October: Nyrus Reading Corner Blog  - BOOK REVIEW!

Nov 4: Flutey Words -  Aubrie Dionne - Author, Flutist

Nov 9: J.A. Beard's Unnecessary Musings - J.A Beard - Author

Nov 11: Vintage Vonnie - Vonnie Davis - Author

Nov 13: JeansBookReadNReview - Author interview + book review to follow!

Nov. 13: Across the Border - Author interview

Nov 14: Musings From the Slush Pile - Julie A. Lindsey - Author

Nov 15: The Purple Brick Road - Chrissy Peebles - Author - CHANCE TO WIN AN EBOOK or PAPERBACK!!!

Nov 17: The Fairytale Nerd - Author interview - CHANCE TO WIN AN EBOOK!!

Nov 27-29: Dasef's Book Central - Author interview

December: - Rai29BoD  - Book Review coming - will post when it is available

December 14 - Jan 5 - Iamareadernotawriter - interview + CHANCE TO WIN A PAPERBACK or EBOOK

 Book Trailer Blog:

YA Trailer Park

COVER Contest:

Rae of Hope Nov 3rd place finish at:


FIRST PLACE FINISH For Rae of Hope's Trailer at: 

Book Review: Book Snatch Blog - great review - check it out here!

COMING IN JANUARY, 2012:   *Note: I'll add a direct link when the review is available*

Book Review  YA Reads  

Book Review  Electrifying Reviews 

Author Interview - Iamareadernotawriter

Book Review: Spirit of Books Blog - Review Posted 01/02/2012 - great review!

Book Review: Flaming Net - Review Posted 02/09/2012  It's also posted here

Book Review: A Belle's Tales - Review Posted 02/01/2012

Book Review: Forbidden-Love Blog

Book Review: Christie's Book Review - Review Posted 01/27/2012

Book Review: EmeraldFire's Bookmark

Book Review: Almost Grown Up - Review Posted 04/23/2012

January 21: BOOK SIGNING at CHAPTERS (Fairview Mall) in St. Catharines 1.00-4.00pm

               I just wanna sit and read - blog visit (talking about steps involved in publishing)

Book Review: BadassBooks

Book Review: Once Upon a Twilight Blog - Review posted 02/15/2012 + Competition to WIN a copy of RoH!

Book Review: Basias Bookshelf - Review Posted 01/17/2012

Book Review: Curse of the Bibliophile Blog - Review posted 12/30/2011

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Book Review: Little Library Muse - Review Posted 01/19/2012

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Book Review: Hope, Love and Happy Endings - Review posted 01/12/2012

Book Review: When Pen Met Paper - Review posted 01/16/2012

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Book Review:  Jagged Edge Reviews  - January 15th - Interview as well

Book Review:  Books R My Friends

Book Review: Sheila Deeth Blog

Book Review:  Magic is in Words - Review Posted 0212/2012

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Book Review: Understand Shae's Story Blog - Review Posted 02/14/2012

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Author of the Week at Full Moon Bites - Interview and chance to win a copy of Rae of Hope

Book Review: Creative Reads - Review Posted 03/01/201

Book Review: Bookworm Lisa


Reviews from ROMANIA!!

Gabi - from Lumea lu Ciudatu  -- if you visit my facebook author page, you'll find the English transaction!

Mistress Kat- Book review -   she also did an interview and is campaigning to have Rae of Hope published in Romanian!!





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