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House of Cards 


Rae Kerrigan is three months away from graduating from Guilder Boarding school. She is now moonlighting as an operative for the Privy Council, a black ops division for British Intelligence. She’s given a mentor, Jennifer, who fights like a demon –fast, tough, and incredibly strong-willed.  Rae finds a strange maternal bond with her. At the same time Devon disappoints her again. 


A childhood memory surfaces, something about where her parents took as a child evokes a hidden secret that she’s determined to solve.  When the Privy Council asks her to go undercover to found out more information about the Xavier Knights – another agency similar to the Privy Council, Rae dives in head first. Through the mystery and secrets, she begins to question what the PC represents. Will she lose herself in the confusions of past, or  the pain of the present and what will it mean for her future?



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Night Owl Reviews:

Ok, I really liked this book! Rae Kerrigan was orphaned at six years old and has been living with her aunt and uncle in New York since the fire that killed her parents. Now fifteen, she is returning to England to go to boarding school. Not sure how she got in, since she did not apply, and with an uncle pushing her to go, she’s a bit nervous about the coming school year. Things get more interesting for Rae when she finds out that the Guilder School is for kids with powers… special powers from a tatú they receive on their sixteenth birthday, and that she will have one too. There were a lot of really likeable characters in this book, from roommate Molly to cute boy Devon along with a cast of others. A twist towards the end of the book kept me guessing. I read this book in one afternoon and couldn’t put it down. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series.   4.5/5 stars

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Royal Tea -  is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Under Fire - the 5th book in the Chronicles of Kerrigan will be out Spring/Summer 2015

End In Sight - the 6th book in the CoK will Fall/Winter 2015



Hidden Secrets Saga has just gone through a MAJOR cover change!!  Click on Seventh Mark link above to see the new covers (with more to come!!!!)

Marked by Destiny is NOW AVAILABLE!!

COMPELLED - is coming out April/May 2015






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