Rae of Hope 


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Flamingnet Book Review

I absolutely loved this book! It's not vampires, wizards, werewolves, or any of that other stuff that's so overdone now -- it's totally unique! Definitely a page turner, I loved finding out more about everyone's tats and especially Rae's and how she learned to use it. The ending is great but unexpected. I heard that there will be a sequel to this book and I am so excited to read it! This was a really amazing book, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy like Twilight or Harry Potter but wants something new. This book included mystery, magic, romance, and hot guys! I could definitely see it being an amazing movie.



Kate said

Ok, I really liked this book! Rae Kerrigan was orphaned at six years old and has been living with her aunt and uncle in New York since the fire that killed her parents. Now fifteen, she is returning to England to go to boarding school. Not sure how she got in, since she did not apply, and with an uncle pushing her to go, she’s a bit nervous about the coming school year. Things get more interesting for Rae when she finds out that the Guilder School is for kids with powers… special powers from a tatú they receive on their sixteenth birthday, and that she will have one too. There were a lot of really likeable characters in this book, from roommate Molly to cute boy Devon along with a cast of others. A twist towards the end of the book kept me guessing. I read this book in one afternoon and couldn’t put it down. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

4 1/2 stars out of 5


Once Upon A Twilight

 Jenny wrote:

5 out of 5 - Outstanding Story!

How do I even begin to describe this wonderful world of magic that W.J. May has created with all the amazing characters and a great suspenseful story line that leaves you astonished with the bombshell she delivers at the end. Totally mind blowing!! I immediately fell in love with the Rae. She’s strong willed, Independent and truth worthy but soon she discovers that she can not trust everyone. Rae’s room mate, Molly is a fashionista, who’s hilarious, charismatic and a chatter-box. She’s the perfect match to Rae and they quickly become the best of friends in the short period they room together. The story is so well written that I am able to read through out the story not having to stop or reread and I was able to enjoy every minute of my reading. I read the entire book in one day!! I could not stop reading!


Emily from
Remarkable first book to a marvelous new series…I am officially Hooked! The Chronicles of Kerrigan has this awesome Harry Potter mixed with X-men vibe. Children that will become inked are selected to go to a school for the “gifted” where they will receive their tatu at 16 and then learn how to use and harness the power they receive from the tatu for the next 2 years. In Raes’ case she will be learning a lot more than she ever bargained for.
Rae has no idea what a tatu is, why she is at Guilder, and why everyone keeps looking at her and whispering behind her back. With the help of her bubbly roommate Molly, a senior hottie Devon, and the compassionate Headmaster Lanford, Rae learns the legend of her past, the depth of her fathers evil, and how her tatu could be very dangerous. Unfortunately everyone is too blinded by the past to see the good in Rae. Through out the course of the school year we follow Rae and her friends on her journey to uncover the truth about her family, fight off the same demons that tormented her father, and get a grasp on this new crazy world she is living in. But someone will turn on her when she needs them most.
I am in love with this character, the story line, and the magic! Rae is this beautifully strong girl that in the face of everything has hope and determination not to be what everyone thinks she will become. “You can’t undo the past. The sins of the father are the sins of the son, in this case the daughter.” She has an amazing power and a strong will to do good with it, something her father did not posses. Devon is a dream of a guy that helps Rae with her familys’ past. Molly is that awesome best friend that can put a smile on your face even when your are feeling down. She is the cause of out load laughter in this book.
Rae of Hope is full of suspense, attraction, friendship, deception, and not letting ones past define you. I am immediately jumping into book 2 so that I can get more of the adventure and to see what type of women Rae is becoming. I highly recommend this book to lovers of Harry Potter. You will not be disappointed.
My Rating: 4.5 Bookshelves

Understanding Shae's Story

Shae said:

 I was easily engrossed in this book! It centers around a world that has a lot magic in it, but it still managed to have aspects present that I could relate to.  

This book was a great story with very memorable characters. I especially liked Rae because I could see a lot of qualities in her that I could relate to. She was sort of the quiet-type, and only really showed her true colors to her close friends and family. She made the best out of her situation. How would you feel if people were afraid of you because of what your father did? Most people, including myself, would probably flick them all off and say forget them. But Rae was different, she tried to be kind to everyone, even though sometimes... her middle finger twitched, if you know what I mean.

Magic is in Words

 Katie wrote:

A+, 5 Stars, Bravo! Oh my I loved this book! At first I was a little hesitant to read (although I have no idea this book is right up my alley!) but once I was about ten words into this book, I flew through it! I read it in one sitting

Fictional Candy

Liz wrote: 

I just loved Rae and her story. She is young, feisty, and full of heart. She’s flawed, and more beautiful for it. The girl isn’t perfect, oh no. She makes her fair share of mistakes. But she will grab you right from the start and take you on this journey with her. And you’ll be wise to go.
The sequel comes out in August, 2012. I will definitely be waiting in line for that one.  So readers, I hope you rush right out and get this book. You won’t be disappointed.

Christie's Book Reviews

 Christie said:

I’m sorry, but my fan girl side is going to come out. I absolutely LOVED this book. I mean, crazy yelling, jumping up and down, telling everyone they need to read it love. I devoured it and constantly wanted more. As soon as I finished, my response was, “I need more, and I need more now! Please tell me there is another book in the near future.” The author was kind enough to assure me before I had a heart attack that there will be a second book coming later this year. YES! Now, I just have to live through the months of withdrawals from this world until I can get my hands on the next book.

Little Library Muse 

Cricket wrote:

Rae was real, and as a reader I could understand her frustration and discomfort for being singled out at this school of the super-gifted. She is a strong character that has her own issues to confront, and add to that the weight of her father's bad deeds, she has a tough road ahead of her. Can Rae overcome her father's dark legacy or will the evil that lurks in the shadows stifle the light within? That is to be determined, I look forward to the next installment in the Chronicles of Kerrigan.

This is a story of loss, love, hope, self-confidence, trust and sacrifice.

Maja Bookshelf - Reading our way through life

Farah said:

Rae of Hope started off as a great book, and guess what? It never got boring! It was filled with great ideas, and I certainly loved the fantasy in it, and everything felt great while reading this book. Not too much drama, not too much romance, and not too much fantasy either. I just felt like everything was a perfect measure.
Rae is an awesome protagonist. Her uncle suddenly tells her that she got a scholarship to Guilder Boarding School. Not only to find that it wasn't any normal school, but she was also considered to be the "star" or the "famous" one in the school, because of her past!
I loved the idea where every teenager gets marked by a tatù! I just loved the feeling of finding out what tatù Rae would be marked with, and what she could do with it! The idea of the tatù's felt brilliant to me!
The characters all felt real to me, and the story wasn't fast paced or slow either. The suspense was great, and the ending wasn't a cliffhanger either (thank God). It was a fun, and interesting read! I definitely can't wait to get my hands on the second book!

  Nayu's Reading Corner:

Nayuleska's thoughts
Rae is extremely lovable, and her voice makes the book a pleasure to read. She finds it tough being in the dark, but she strikes up friendship with her room mate and there are plenty who are curious about her. I was taken aback at virtually every plot twist, which are high paced and life changing. I loved the concept of the different forms of powers, and reading them in use reminded me of anime and video games. 
I'm early awaiting book 2, so for now book 1 gets 10/10 from me. It's super awesome!


Creative Reads

Shellie wrote:

 I was wrapped up in this story line and was easily taken away with it. Rae is facing coming to a new school, knowing no-one there, with everyone except her knowing her past and having to prove them wrong time and time again. I loved her roommate Molly and her new found friend Maria; they were the two of all the girls that I liked best. The romance in Rae of Hope was building from the second that she ran into Devon until the last page. There are so many characters and neat abilities that are so well written into this story line. I liked that Rae had some of her own secrets that others didn’t know about her and the fact that she could really truly trust some people. We get to see her facing her fears and overcoming what some people believed.

I really enjoyed this magical world that M. J. May has created. I can’t wait for the next installment to see where the characters go and what will unfold next in Rae’s life.

Book Snatch Blog

  I read the summary and was hooked, what an interesting idea! This book in no way was a disappointment.
W. J. May's words flowed and kept the story from becoming dry. It didn't feel like scenes were thrown into the book just for the heck of it. Everything had a purpose in furthering the plot, and though this was a debut novel it didn't read like one at all.


Curse of the Bibliofile

In most families elders try to keep their kids from getting tattoos, but in this family it’s a must.

This story has tons of action and is also a bit of a coming of age story. Rae is learning fast that her family is much more than she ever believed it was and much more dangerous.  Through Rae’s journey to find out the truth about her family and trying to stay alive she learns more about herself. The characters growth can be seen throughout the story and I really liked her character.
The adventure and suspense in this story had me captivated right from the start. I highly recommend “Rae of Hope” to lovers of fantasy/suspense.

Spirit of Books

Raihana says

Rae Of Hope is one of the awesome books of 2011 that i have read. It has this 'power' of capturing your attention from the very start of the book to the very end of the book. I was really excited to read this book and I'm truly grateful that i got a chance to do so. It kept me entertained throughout the entire book and also you find yourself liking each and very character. You also would be shocked to find who truly is the good person and who turns out to be the bad. Rae, the main character, is likeable from the beginning and what i liked about her, was that she was strong when she needed to be. There isn't anything bad to say about Rae Of Hope because there isn't anything bad about it. It definitely should be read and screamed about!!!


 I'm Still Jenny From the Blog

Jenny says

You know how I love a good YA paranormal book! This one did not disappoint. "Rae of Hope," by W.J. May is a story of a young girl whose parents died when she was a little girl. As a teenager she is sent to a boarding school in England where she finds all of the students have special powers and tattoos that show up the night of their sixteenth birthday. Rae discovers not only her powers, but also the history of her parents and finds that she has an original tattoo and powers that are unlike any other.
With the magic and mystery that this book provides, it is a must-read for fans of YA paranormal romance!

It<s All About Me 

Heather says

Reading about the school and all the kids with supernatural powers, I kept thinking this was like Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters as all the 16-year-olds and above have these special powers they get on their 16th birthday (there’s a private school nearby my house that I keep thinking looks like Xavier’s so this is where I pictured Rae to be).

Overall, I enjoyed the book, and I recommend it to any YA fans out there . It was a cute story.

I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.

Squiggles Review 

Stacey says

I am in love with this book. From the very beginning I was sucked in and wanted to keep reading more. I was in a bit of a reading funk and this book pulled me back out of it. The story is exciting and interesting, and made me insistent on reading whenever I had the time so I could find out what was coming next in the story. I really enjoyed the twist in the story towards the back half of the book and the ending was just perfect. I can't wait for the next book.

Crazed Bookie Blog

"Emma" says

May's debut author is definitely an interesting work. Reminded me of Hex Hall, yet it had a different feeling and twist at the same time.
I loved the whole tatú and thought it was very creative and fun. Especially Rae's tatú and what it brought because it was super awesome but I'm not giving that away. Sorry.
This story will entertain you and suck you in. A worthwhile debut.

Hope, Love and Happy Endings 

Ephrielle says

The action in this book comes out of nowhere and is rather impressive in its strength.  Talk about someone being nothing like what they seemed.  I wouldn't trade this girl places for anything.  Even the school full of super hot drooling guys.

The View from Fairview 

Fairviews thoughts

The story moved along nicely and the mythology/world made sense once it was established.  Also, the romance storyline had me rooting for them to get together.
I'm giving it 4 stars out of 5


When Pen Met Paper 

Book Addict

Rae of Hope is book #1 in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series. How many Young Adult stories centering on magic are there? The same old thing gets old after a while, which is why I found Rae of Hope so delightfully refreshing. Children of special lineage receive a unique tattoo on their sixteenth birthday. Each tatu is different, though some designs and abilities are passed down in families. The tatu gives the wearer supernatural abilities ranging from control over the elements to telepathic abilities to shape changing.
I loved Rae's character. She seemed so down-to-earth, just like a friend next door. She has great resiliency in the face of her mounting troubles, you can't help but to root for her. Her roommate Molly is  vivacious and flirtatious but she always seems to be around when Rae needs her. The boys at the school give you a mental image of bees flitting around a beautiful flower - there doesn't seem to be any lack of male interest in Rae.
I will definitely pick up the 2nd book in the series to see where Rae's tatu takes her!

Basia's Bookshelf

Barbara wrote

This is a solid first book in what I hope is going to be a series. I loved getting to know the setting and characters and was excited about the reveal about Rae’s tatu and what it might mean. Rae and Devon’s romance contains all sorts of promise – and danger – and is another reason to stay tuned in, as if I needed one.

I sincerely hope there are more books on the way because I ate this up in one sitting and am ready and waiting for another. 

A Book a Day / Mary's Blog 

Mary wrote:

Rae of Hope is an excellent, fast-paced read with a bit of romance and some mystery as well. Overall, Rae of Hope is a unique and enticing paranormal read, recommended for ages 13 & up. Mild sexual situations, alcohol.

Library Mosaic

Carla says

I thought Rae of Hope was a well-written book with a very interesting and gripping story. The characters are great and so are the plot and its twists.    I think any Young Adult Paranormal fan will definitely be able to enjoy this book.
Rating: Worth Your Time (4 Stars) 
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